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Neal Sirwinski and his partners have offered Kiiko-Style Acupuncture Classes that could for practitioners PDA and CEU. 

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Previous Class Topics

Kiiko-style acupuncture is a synthesis of Chinese Classical acupuncture- from her study and extensive clinical practice of the Ling Shu and Su Wen , modern western medicine and the experience of her teachers Dr. Nagano, Dr. Kawaii, and Dr. Manaka, some of Japan’s greatest practitioners. The result is a system that allows you to treat complex patients at many different levels: Structural, emotional, and underlying constitutional conditions. This method uses a unique system of palpitory diagnostic and point location to ensure effective results to your acupuncture treatment. Classes are very practical in nature with plenty of hands on demonstration to ensure that you can immediately use these techniques in your practice.

By using Kiiko Matsumoto’s techniques a treatment strategy unique to each patient may be created and a deep and lasting result to your treatment may be achieved. Regardless of symptoms, identifying and understanding a pattern based on objective findings leads to an effective treatment strategy. Kiiko’s classes are inspiring and energizing. Her enthusiasm and skillful treatment style encourages us in our own practice.

Dysautonomia– ANS disturbance and the balance of shen & Blood Pressure treatment and the fontanelle & Kd toxicity

We can see evidence of Autonomic nervous system disturbance in almost every patient that we see in the clinic. Kiiko continues her research into the deeper meaning of the ancient names of acupuncture points by looking at the concept of Gui (ghost or invader) in relation to Shen. Shen disturbance including poor concentration, insecurity, agitation, depression, panic attacks, poor sleep, IBS, candida, SIBO, HBP are all symptoms of ANS disturbance. Kiiko introduces new treatment strategy focusing on blood pressure to balance the parasympathetic and sympathetic NS with “gate of gui” points. She will also share new insights into hara diagnosis for gui and the treatment of earth element problems contributing to autonomic nervous system disturbance. She will also present new treatment for aging and KD weakness due to toxicity.


Physical and Emotional Injuries: Qi, Blood and Water

Tsuyoshi Shimamura’s acupuncture style will change the way you view your practice. In this class, he will introduce his unique method of diagnosis and treatment. He was the last apprentice to Master Nagano, a highly accomplished acupuncturist from Japan who was famous for his ingenious clinical approach. He incorporated concepts from Chinese classical literature (Su Wen and Ling Shu), traditional Japanese acupuncture, and insights from Western anatomy and physiology. This accessible approach makes Nagano’s style relevant to us, the modern practitioner, and for our patients.  From this foundation Shimamura Sensei has developed Nagano’s ideas along with influences from one of his original teachers, Kiiko Matsumoto, to become one of our generation’s great acupuncturists. He will generously teach an overview of his acupuncture techniques, including Master Nagano’s diagnostic methods of pulse and channel/ hara palpation diagnosis and the order of treatment to build a simple, powerful treatment. He will teach constitutional treatments to nourish postnatal Qi and support prenatal Qi, treating a wide range of emotional and physical issues due to injury and trauma. His method includes elegant manual techniques allowing you to use less needles and to even more powerfully assist in rehabilitating structural imbalances, visceral tension, and visceral stagnation.

Fundamentals of Kiiko-Style Acupuncture - Essentials of Hara Diagnosis

If you are new to Kiiko-style or wish to deepen your understanding of Kiiko’s style, this practical, hands-on class will sharpen your palpation and diagnostic skills. We will study and practice the basic palpation techniques of the hara and neck, as well as Kiiko’s unique method for locating powerful treatment points.

These are fundamental classes for beginners and experienced practitioners alike exploring Kiiko Matsumoto-style acupuncture treatment. We will explore Kiiko’s unique palpatory diagnosis of the abdomen, neck, and spine and symptoms. We will discuss the relationship of the bodies’ internal balance with external structural imbalances . By practicing these techniques the practitioner will be able to use them effectively and immediately in their own practice.

You will learn:

    -the importance of abdominal (hara) palpation in patient assessment

    -Kiiko’s use of abdominal and neck palpation, back and spine palpation, pulse diagnosis, and
patient medical history to identify effective treatment strategies

    -Recognizing structural imbalance patterns- scoliosis and kyphosis
Sphenoid  bone/ pelvis imbalances
four corner
dai mai treatment

    -Identify the root problems of the patient’s complaints.

    -Practical and effective treatment strategies for the treatment of many metabolic disorders,
autonomic nervous system disturbances, osteoporosis and bone-related problems, and
Kidney toxicity.

     -Master Nagano’s Inflammation treatments and jue point techniques

This class is an introduction to the techniques and basic theory of Kiiko Matsumoto’s style of acupuncture. It is suitable for beginners and experienced practitioners of Kiiko-style acupuncture. Its intention is to clarify the basic workings of Kiiko’s style by using them practically in class. By practicing hands-on these techniques, the practitioner will be able to use them effectively and immediately in their practice.