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Helping Albuquerque, New Mexico Patients and Teaching Acupuncture Since 1984

Meet Dr. Neal Sirwinski, DOM

Neal Sirwinski has studied Japanese acupuncture for nearly 40 years. He is a graduate of the Kototama Institute. He has since studied with Kiiko Matsumoto for decades and uses these techniques every day in his acupuncture practice. He endeavors to adhere to Kiiko style techniques exclusively in the class. He treats many difficult patients and finds these methods to bring satisfactory results and wants to help you find these powerful results for yourself and your patients.

Neal Sirwinski is renowned as an acupuncture instructor and Doctor of Oriental Medicine. Using his extensive experience and knowledge he is able to help diagnose and treat a variety of conditions. Many of his patients have found relief from painful conditions through his practice. 

Find Out how the 3,000 Year Old Tradition of Acupuncture Can Help You Improve Your Health

Our Philosophy

Acupuncture treats health issues from several levels including structural and constitutional imbalances that can be the root cause of underlying symptoms. The goal is to assist the patient to a state of lasting health and wellness.

Dr. Sirwinski’s Approach

Neal treats in the tradition of his two main teachers: Sensei Masahilo Nakazono and Sensei Kiiko Matsumto. These styles of acupuncture allow the treatment of difficult and complicated cases. By using a systematic palpation method designed to provide instant feedback, the practitioner can follow a palpation sequence that establishes a diagnosis and suggests several treatment options which might be effective for treating a particular patient. Once learned, palpation of reflex points on the neck and abdomen becomes an easy method to use for obtaining instant feedback as to the patient’s condition of health and to the efficacy of your treatment. Acupuncture addresses the patient’s health issues from several levels. By looking more deeply into the structural and or constitutional imbalances, which often underlie a patient’s symptomatic complaints, the practitioner is able to assist in more complete and lasting healing. It is precisely this holistic approach that gives acupuncture the ability to help patients with the most complex issues. Often by seeing the patient’s problem from this broader perspective, the practitioner can solve difficult cases.

We Accept Health Insurance

Many Health Insurance Plans Cover Acupuncture – We Work With The Following Health Insurance Plans:

Blue Cross & Blue Shield
United Health Care

Check with your health plan for your specific benefits coverage. Each insurance plan is different and has different copays and allowances.