About Acupuncture

Acupuncture is different than traditional western medicine as it aims to uncover and treat the underlying root causes of health problems and symptoms.

Dr. Neal Sirwinski uses a Japanese method of checking your pulse and pressure points for precision treatments.

Acupuncture is safe, natural, drug-free, and effective. Acupuncture activates your Qi – the vital energy within the body. This energy travels along meridians, like rivers of energy flowing throughout the body. 

When Qi is balanced, the body’s natural self-healing abilities are activated. Imbalance or blockage of Qi in the body can lead to poor health and manifest as symptoms of illness, disease, or pain. 

Pulse Diagnosis

Dr. Neal will take your pulse in the wrist to evaluate subtle variations. 

Asking Questions

Dr. Neal will ask you questions about your health, diet, digestion, sleep, exercise, and stress levels. 

Pressure Point Feedback

Dr. Neal will use pressure points to determine where to best place the needles. 

Acupuncture can help many conditions.

Stone statue in Japanese Garden



Chronic Pain


Digestive Issues


Back Pain


Headaches & Migranes

Individual results may vary.

Benefits of Acupuncture

Acupuncture can address the bodies’ problems at many levels, from emotional to physical, from chronic to acute. The power of acupuncture is in treating the patient as a whole entity. This is why on your initial appointment an extensive history of your health is taken and a complete exam of your pulse and abdomen are performed. This gives us clues as how to proceed with your treatment in order to promote and restore the balance of energy in your body. If your energy (or Qi) is abundant and flowing then you are in a state of health. Because of the stresses of our modern life our Qi is generally not abundant and flowing. Acupuncture can be used to address a wide variety of conditions from emotional problems to digestive complaints to endocrine disorders. Pain due to injuries or associated with chronic degenerative diseases such as osteoarthritis or rheumatoid arthritis can be relieved. It can also be helpful in treating neurological disorders like migraines or Parkinsons’ disease, neuralgias, headaches, and restless leg syndrome.

We Accept Health Insurance

Many Health Insurance Plans Cover Acupuncture – We Work With The Following Health Insurance Plans:

Blue Cross & Blue Shield
United Health Care

Check with your health plan for your specific benefits coverage. Each insurance plan is different and has different copays and allowances.